2 April 2024

3 signs it’s time to get your Cartier serviced.


Did you know it is recommended to get your Cartier serviced every 3 to 5 years, depending on how much wear and tear it has gone through? If not, it’s okay. This is why we are here!

Below are 3 clear signs to look for if you’re wondering whether your watch requires a service.

There is moisture inside the watch case.

One of the main reasons watches get damaged is due to moisture ingress as it can lead to corrosion inside the movement. If there is moisture or condensation under your glass, you should have it checked by a Cartier certified service centre as soon as possible.

Moisture inside your watch may indicate that it is time to have the gaskets changed. Cartier recommends these should be changed every 2 years in order to maintain water resistance.

If your watch isn’t keeping precise time, it might need servicing.

Just like a car, your watch needs regular servicing to ensure it continues to run smoothly and accurately. Like any machine, your watch is made up of many moving parts that can wear out over time and need to be replaced or repaired.

This is why we recommend that all watches be serviced every 3- 5 years by a Brand Accredited Watchmaker to avoid costly repairs in the future and to make sure it will continue to function correctly for years to come.

Your Watch Feels Different or Parts Feel Loose.

It’s important to pay attention to the details of your watch and make sure that it’s functioning properly. If you find that some parts of your watch are feeling loose or tighter than usual, then it may be time to take your watch in for servicing. When a part feels different, it could mean something has shifted or is off balance and can cause further problems down the line.

Additionally, if you notice your watch making any noises or rattling when you move it around, this should also be an indication that something is wrong and should be taken care of. Taking your watch in for servicing may seem like a minor inconvenience at first, but it can help keep it in top condition and prevent future problems. By having it serviced as soon as possible, you can also ensure that everything is functioning properly and make sure that your timepiece keeps running smoothly for many years to come.

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