CARTIER Authorised Servicing and Repairs

A Cartier watch usually contains over 160 parts. In order to keep your Cartier reacting and performing in peak condition, it will require a service every four to five years. Our state-of-the-art service centre and watchmakers are fully certified and approved by Cartier HQ.

Accredited by Cartier

Dedicated to Excellence

At Luxury Watch Repairs, our service centre and our senior watchmakers are certified and accredited by Cartier. We ensure your watch is serviced, restored or repaired by one of our expert Cartier accredited watchmakers, and all parts are delivered directly from Cartier.  We return your beloved timepiece to you exactly as it would be by Cartier directly.

We are solely dedicated to high quality timepieces and ensuring each luxury watch is restored to it’s best possible performance and accuracy.

what's involved in a full Cartier service

What's involved

Cartier Full Service

Your watch is in the hands of experts in their craft. Our senior watchmakers are trained and certified by Cartier’s main service centre, and will meticulously dismantle your time piece, clean and oil each part. Then painstakingly reassemble your beloved Cartier to ensure it is working at optimum performance and accuracy.

Your watch is returned to you in a complimentary, shock-resistant watch travel case, complete with all after-care instructions within our Luxury Watch Repairs booklet. It also comes with a full 3 year warranty.

Each Cartier service includes the following:
  • Dismantling of case & bracelet
  • Dismantling of movement
  • Re-assembly of watch
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of case and bracelet
  • Oiling of components and cleaning of movement
  • Replacement of battery (in quartz models)
  • Replacement of seals & gaskets
  • Valet of the case & bracelet
  • Full water & pressure resistance tests
  • 5 day mechanical test
  • Extended 3 Year warranty

*where appropriate.

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All estimates and timescales are subject to inspection. Watches with precious metals, such as bi-colour and gold, are typically higher in cost. Refurbishment & polishing will incur a surcharge when completed without a service.

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