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At Luxury Watch Repairs, we are extremely proud of how we can restore luxury watches back to their former showroom glory. We like to talk about it and also keep you up to date with all our watch related news.

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Tag Heuer battery replacement
When it comes to when you need to replace your battery, that can very much depend on how often your Tag Heuer watch is used and in what environment, as this can all make a huge difference to how it will age over time; and we suggest a full service should be carried out every 4-5 years.
7 November 2023
Automatic, Quartz, Or Hand Wound Watches: What's The Difference?
When it comes to watches, there are a few distinct types on the market: automatic, quartz , and hand wound. It is important to understand the differences between them.
22 February 2023
What to consider when buying a luxury watch.
Buying the right watch should never be a rushed decision, especially since it’s usually an expensive purchase. Research, exploration and consultation should all factor into the equation.
9 February 2023
Luxury Watch Repairs now open in Canary Wharf station
We are proud to announce the opening of our new store in Canary Wharf based inside the main station.
22 November 2022
Water Damage: What to do if you luxury watch gets wet
It’s important to ensure that your treasured timepiece is fully waterproof (where intended) in order to avoid costly repairs while also knowing just what to do should the worst happen.
17 February 2022
Authorised Cartier Service Centre
We are proud to be one of the only authorised Cartier service centres in the UK and have put together some of the most frequently asked questions, in order to assist in your decision making.
30 September 2020
Omega Watch Battery Replacement
It might be tempting not to replace the battery in your OMEGA watch until you absolutely need to, but by doing this there is always the chance that you might be causing irreversible damage to your treasured timepiece.
10 April 2019
Rolex watch polishing - what you need to know
If you are going to polish your Rolex watch then it must be done properly in order to keep it not only looking fantastic but keeping it’s intended finish.
1 April 2019
CNN International visit to Luxury Watch Repairs
In 2018, we were privileged to be the subject of a short documentary made by CNN International, which explored our service centre and our dedicated Vintage Department.
31 March 2019

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