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At Luxury Watch Repairs, we are extremely proud of what we have achieved and have been featured in major publications such as GQ, CNN, The Telegraph, New York Times & Men's Health! We love to shout about this and share our watch repair knowledge via our monthly blog posts! We truly hope you enjoy reading and if there is something specfiic you'd like us to consider writing about, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Do Cartier watches hold their value?
Wondering if Cartier watches hold their value? Discover why these luxury timepieces are a worthwhile investment and how to maximize their resale value. Learn more with expert tips from Luxury Watch Repairs.
11 July 2024
Types of watch movements - Luxury Watch Repairs
Learn about the different kinds of watch mechanisms. Get help choosing the right timepiece by browsing the advantages and disadvantages of each watch movement type.
28 June 2024
How to Repair a Watch with GQ
GQ sat down with Luxury Watch Repairs to discuss the intricacies of watch repair and the type of challenges which we may come across!
25 June 2024
The History of the TAG Heuer Monaco: An Icon in Watchmaking
Discover the iconic history of the TAG Heuer Monaco, from its revolutionary debut in 1969 to its association with Steve McQueen and its modern evolutions. Learn why this legendary watch remains a symbol of innovation and style, and how Luxury Watch Repairs, an authorised service centre, preserves its legacy.
14 June 2024
3 signs it's time to get your Cartier serviced.
As an official Cartier service centre, we are fully authorised and approved by the brand for all repairs. We spoke with our certified watchmakers, to discover the 3 clear signs to look for if you're wondering whether your watch requires a service.
8 June 2024
Watchmakers at luxury watch repairs
Why Your Cartier Battery Should Only Be Replaced by an Authorised Cartier Service Centre
Ensure your Cartier watch receives the best care. Learn why battery replacement should always be done at an authorised Cartier service centre to maintain its warranty, value, and performance. Discover expert tips from Luxury Watch Repairs.
6 June 2024
'How to maintain a Rolex watch' – Luxury Watch Repairs
Maintain the value of your Rolex watch with regular servicing, restorations, and battery replacements. Keep your Rolex watch looking and functioning as new.
30 May 2024
The art of watch restoration – Luxury Watch Repairs
Discover some of the areas that must be addressed during a watch restoration, including work carried out on Omega, Rolex, Breitling, and Cartier timepieces.
23 May 2024
Your Trusted Service Centre for Omega Speedmaster Watches
Luxury Watch Repairs is your trusted service centre for Omega Speedmaster watches. Explore our expertise in Omega Speedmaster 38 models today!
1 May 2024

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