30 September 2020

Authorised Cartier Service Centre


As one of Europe’s largest service centres, we are proud to be a fully authorised and approved, official Cartier servide centre.

When having your Cartier watch repaired, it can become quite overwhelming when not only trying to understand what repair is required but who to choose to carry out the repair to your cherished Cartier watch!

We are proud to be one of the only authorised Cartier service centres in the UK and have put together some of the most frequently asked questions, in order to assist in your decision making.

Are you an official Cartier service centre?

Yes! We can confirm that we are an official Cartier service centre and are a part of the official Cartier network. We are the only authorised Cartier service centre on Hatton Garden and one of only a small number in the UK.

In order to achieve this rare status, our main service centre at 88-90 Hatton Garden in London has undergone vigorous and meticulous inspections by Cartier  themselves to ensure we adhere to the same standard as Cartier themselves.

This includes a vast number of aspects ranging from the type of equipment and tooling used to the ventilation and flooring throughout our workshops and service centre. This ensures a perfect environment for servicing, repairing and polishing Cartier watches, to perfection.

Once our service centre has passed all of these tests, without exception, our Cartier specialist watchmakers will be subject to meticulous tests by Cartier, followed by a number of weeks in Switzerland for brand specific training.

We are proud to even have watchmakers who previously worked at Cartier, prior to joining Luxury Watch Repairs!

Yes! We can confirm that we are an official Cartier service centre and are a part of the official Cartier network. We are the only authorised Cartier service centre on Hatton Garden and one of only a small number in the UK.

How often should I service my Cartier watch?

We recommend that you should service your Cartier watch every four to five years in order to ensure the movement oils are lubricated while the seals and gaskets are replaced to ensure the water resistance is retained where applicable.

We like to think it’s the same principle as with a car and servicing your watch regularly will ensure it is functioning at its optimum performance, as expected from a luxury, precision watch.

What’s involved in an authorised Cartier watch service?

A luxury watch usually contains over 160 parts, so in order to keep it reacting and performing in peak condition, your watch will require a service every four to five years.

At Luxury Watch Repairs, we are solely dedicated to high quality timepieces and our operation is based on ensuring that every watch is reverted back to its showroom functionality and appearance.

Each Cartier service includes the following:

  • Dismantling of case & bracelet
  • Dismantling of movement
  • Ultrasonic & steam cleaning of case and bracelet (where appropriate)
  • Cleaning of entire movement, re-lubricating of movement and replacement of worn movement parts
  • Replacement of seals, gaskets & crown/winder
  • Re-assembly of dial and hands
  • Re-assembly of watch
  • Full water resistance & pressure tests
  • 5 day mechanical test
  • Polishing of the case, bracelet & clasp
  • 3 Year warranty

Take a look at some of Cartier watch services we offer by clicking here. [link to Cartier service page]

How long does a Cartier watch repair or service take?

Something like a simple battery replacement can be carried out the same day while a full service typically takes between three to four weeks, depending on the work that is required and the condition of the watch.

A service on a vintage Cartier watch, for example, could take anything from five to seven weeks and even longer on occasion, dependant on the availability of parts and/or work required.

Who is performing the service on my Cartier?

Our watchmakers have all been fully trained by Cartier and one our watchmakers used to be employed directly by Cartier themselves.

Do you offer a service warranty?

Yes. We offer a three year warranty for each full service that we carry out, which is longer than any other service centre in the UK.

Can you restore old and vintage Cartier watches?

Yes, we certainly can. In fact, we have our own dedicated vintage department which specialises in older Cartier models and are fully aware of the unique issues which come with these classic watches.

Do you service all Cartier watch models?

Yes, we do service all models though the ones we see on the most regular basis are the Santos and Tank models. However, this doesn’t mean that we only specialise in these models and if you have any questions regarding your Cartier watch please don’t hesitate to call our team and speak to one of our friendly team members.  

On rare occasions with particular vintage models, we may need to forward your watch to Cartier’s main service centre if it has what is known as a ‘restricted’ caliber which means that only Cartier in Switzerland can carry out this repair.

How do I keep my Cartier watch in its best Condition

Again, this very much depends on which type of watch you own and the specific movements it contains but we recommend the following is carried out by an official Cartier service specialist such as ourselves.

Automatic – service every 4-5 years.

Manual wind – service every 4-5 years.

Quartz (battery) – Maintenance service every 12-18 months for battery replacement and fitting of new seals and gaskets & full service every 4-5 years

Maintenance service for auto/ manual wind watches – every 12-18 months (replacement of seals/ gaskets & crown/ winder only)

How do I send my watch to you?

Watches can be dropped off at our main service centre at 16-18 Hatton Garden or at our stores in Manchester located on the Ground Floor of Harvey Nichols and also in Canary Wharf Station.

Alternatively, your timepiece can be sent for free by Royal Mail Special Delivery via our Free, Secure, Post service, using our pre paid postage pack which is fully tracked and insured to the value of £25,000. This can be ordered from our head office by calling 0207 404 3366 or via our website by clicking [here]

Do you confirm the quote following inspection of the watch?

Absolutely and you can be sure we will not proceed with any work without receiving your confirmation to the agreed quote first.

What if I receive the quote and chose not to go ahead.  Will I be charged a fee?

All inspections are free of charge. However, if you require the watch to be posted back to you then we do charge £21.60 which covers Special Delivery postage along with detailed tracking and insurance of your watch up to £25,000.

If you have any questions which are not covered here, please feel free to contact our service centre on 0207 404 3366 Monday to Friday, between 10am and 4pm, and we’ll do our best to help you with your enquiry. Alternatively you can email info@luxurywatchrepairs.com and one of our team will be sure to get back to you.

For further detailing information on servicing your Cartier watch, please visit our Cartier service centre page.

Some of our Recent Press

In 2018, we were honoured to be asked by CNN International to visit our main service centre. A mini documentary was made and released across the globe.

A short version of this can be found on CNN’s website by clicking [here]

We have also been featured in a number of other publications which include The Telegraph, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Mens Health, The Week, The New York Post, Tatler & The Robb Report.

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