30 May 2024

How to maintain a Rolex watch

Thanks to the superior craftsmanship that goes into these sought-after wristwatches, Rolex timepieces are notoriously robust – but like any investment piece, they will need to be looked after on an ongoing basis if they are going to retain their elegance, keep precise time, and hold their value.

As we explain here, the easiest and most effective way to preserve the value of your Rolex watch is to make sure it’s serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommend service intervals. However, there are plenty of other steps you can take to care for your luxury purchase.

Rolex servicing: The best way to look after your Rolex in the long term

Getting your Rolex watch serviced is crucial to keeping your investment working at its best. If you do nothing else, make sure your watch is looked at by the professionals at regular intervals! Rolex itself recommends that its watches should be serviced at least once every 4-5 years.

This is particularly important if you wear your Rolex watch on an almost-daily basis, as the more often it’s used, the more susceptible it will be to collecting dust, dirt and grime, and accumulating both external and internal damage.

When it’s sent off for servicing, your Rolex watch will be thoroughly inspected for signs of worn-out components and other issues that could affect its performance. If you have noticed any particular problems – such as the watch has stopped ticking, the second hand is skipping, or the watch stops working altogether when you put it on your wrist – make the watchmaker aware of them so they can investigate further.

It’s also essential to keep records of all servicing activities, as these will add to the watch’s provenance and serve to maintain its value. Service receipts, warranties, and any correspondence with your service centre will all need to be collected and stored, in case they need to be referenced in the future.

Rolex restorations: Finding the right restoration partner

Whether you need to touch up some minor aesthetic damage, or your Rolex watch requires more comprehensive restoration work on its inner or outer components, it’s vital that you choose a team of Rolex trained watchmakers who have already achieved fantastic results for other customers.

Ideally, your Rolex restoration specialists will have received in-depth training directly from Rolex, and will have many years’ practical experience in caring for timepieces from this prestigious Swiss brand. You will also need to make sure that your Rolex restoration company only uses original parts, as replacing these with aftermarket alternatives could reduce the authenticity and value of the watch.

As an specialist service centre, you can be safe in the knowledge that your beloved timepiece is in the best hands. Our expert team use factory original parts only and strive to achieve the highest quality service at all times. With our team handling over 5,000 Rolex watches each year, whether it’s a full service you’re looking for or a routine refurbishment and polish, our team has you covered.

Other methods for protecting your Rolex watch and maintaining its value

Replace your Rolex’s battery if needed

If you noticed that your Rolex has stopped working after regular use, there might be an issue with its power source.

Most Rolex watches don’t have batteries, as such; they use a self-winding mechanical system to keep their components moving, and they rely on the energy that is transferred during the natural movement of the arm. That said, certain models – such as those within the Oyster-Quartz collection – do utilise quartz movements, and so their batteries will need to be
replaced periodically. If you notice that your watch is not keeping time correctly, or has stopped working altogether, it could be time to book in for a much-needed Rolex battery replacement.

Waterproof your Rolex as a matter of course

If your Rolex does not have a waterproof Oyster case or screw-down winding crowns, you will need to keep it away from water. It goes without saying that you should remove your watch when showering or swimming – but sometimes, even despite your best efforts, moisture will find its away into the internal parts. If you notice that the display has started to become foggy, get your Rolex to an specialised watchmaker as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

And if you are lucky enough to possess a waterproof Oyster model, you’ll need to make sure its case is properly sealed to prevent condensation from forming under the watch face.

Store your Rolex carefully

When not in use, Rolex watches should be kept in a secure, dry and safe place. Whilst Rolex watches are generally resilient and built to last, this is to ensure no moisture or the smallest particles of dust can mix with the watch’s mechanics.

If you wish to keep your Rolex at home, make sure it’s stored away from direct sunlight, as this – may fade the dial over time. You may also benefit from putting your watch on a watch winder which will keep it running efficiently while it’s not being worn (and prevent you from having to reset it manually every time you retrieve it).

With a little time, care and consideration, you can preserve the value of your Rolex in-between services and make sure it remains dirt- and damage-free for many years to come. Contact Luxury Watch Repairs for more information on our Rolex servicing, repair, and restoration services or to book your investment in for emergency repairs or periodic maintenance.


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