1 April 2019

Rolex watch polishing – what you need to know

How do I clean my rolex watch?

As the owner of a Rolex watch, understandably you’ll want to wear it with pride, showing off all of its magnificence rather than keeping it locked away and out of sight of everyone. But with this comes the risk that your pride and joy will inevitably suffer scratches and dents due to day-to-day wear and tear.

Can you get scratches out of a rolex?

If you own a Rolex watch then you’ll be more than aware that there are differing opinions as to whether you should ever get your treasured timepiece polished, with some believing that it’s best to let a watch acquire the marks that will naturally occur after years of use.

But there are those who want their luxury watch to look its best at all times in order to demonstrate its real beauty, showing off the splendour and shine despite its age and who could argue with them?

Whatever your opinion, however, there is one thing that we can all agree on and that is if you are going to polish your Rolex watch then it must be done properly in order to eliminate risk and keep one of the most treasured possessions in your life not only looking fantastic but keeping it’s intended finish (polished/ brushed/ sandblasted etc…)

The Risks

Almost all Rolex watches, whether steel, gold, titanium or platinum, have high-polish and brushed surfaces on their cases and bracelets, meaning that polishing is an extremely delicate and often time-consuming process so that the appearance and indeed, the functionality of the watch is not damaged in any way; meaning that extreme care must be taken.

This can often be more challenging due to the fact that most Rolex watches contain, not just hundreds of individual moving parts, but also multiple materials and metal types which must all be treated individually; something that can often make the refinishing process even more tricky.

To make things more challenging, whenever a Rolex watch is refinished / polished the entire movement must be removed from its casing so that these many individual and intricate parts are not damaged or compromised during the cleaning process; often a long, complicated and time-consuming operation which, if not done correctly, could damage your watch beyond repair.

Refurbish your Rolex with Luxury Watch Repairs

At Luxury Watch Repairs, we have a dedicated refurbishment and polishing department with decades of experience and expert knowledge when it comes to polishing Rolex watches, who work hard to ensure your prized possession is looking as good as new in just a matter of days.

Using only the best Swiss equipment and polishing tools – which are also used by the manufactures themselves – not to mention all of their expertise – our brand accredited, Rolex trained watchmakers will carefully dismantle your Rolex watch, in order for the case and bracelet to be passed to our polishing department.

During this process we remove scratches, dents and blemishes and even use the latest laser equipment to remove deep lying dents; restoring it to the way it looked when it first left the showroom (or as close as possible) and, of course, without any intervention to the movement or functionality of the watch.

We are also one of the only service centres in the world who can restore stretch in Rolex bracelets and can even just polish certain parts, such as the clasp, if need be while also waterproof testing where necessary, without needing to service the watch… and all within just two to three days.

Rolex watch polish before and after

Our dedicated, manufacturer trained refurbishment & polishing department can have your watch back on your wrist looking like new – within 2-3 days.

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