1 May 2024

Your Trusted Authorised Service Centre for Omega Speedmaster Watches


In light of the launch of the new Omega Speedmaster 38 watches, we take pride in being an official Omega service centre. We understand the intricate craftsmanship that goes into luxury timepieces like the Omega Speedmaster. Specialising in meticulous and expert repairs, our service centre ensures that your prized watch functions flawlessly.

From intricate movement servicing to meticulous dial restoration, every aspect of luxury watch repairs is handled with utmost care and precision. With our team of experienced watchmakers dedicated to preserving the beauty and functionality of your Omega Speedmaster, we are your trusted partner for all luxury watch repair needs. Trust us to bring your timepiece back to its original glory.


Why Choose Our Official Omega Service Centre for Your Speedmaster Watch?

We understand the significance of your Omega Speedmaster watch, which is why choosing a trusted service centre for its repairs is essential. Here’s why:

  • Expertise: Our certified watchmakers have the knowledge and skills to handle intricate Omega Speedmaster repairs with precision.
  • Authentic Parts: We use only genuine Omega parts to ensure the quality and longevity of your watch.
  • Guaranteed Service: With a trusted service centre, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Omega Speedmaster is in safe hands.
  • Maintaining Value: Trusting your watch with professionals helps maintain its authenticity and value over time.

Choose a trusted service centre like ours for your Omega Speedmaster watch to ensure top-notch quality and care.

Expert care for any concerns with your Omega Speedmaster

While Omega Speedmaster watches are renowned for their quality, occasional issues may arise over time. Here are some potential concerns that our team can assist with:

  • Movement Troubles: Some Omega Speedmaster owners may notice issues with movement, such as inaccurate timekeeping or stoppages. These issues could indicate the need for servicing or more significant internal repairs.
  • Water Damage: Moisture infiltration into the watch case can lead to water damage, affecting both functionality and appearance. Prompt attention to water damage is essential to prevent further complications.
  • Scratched or Damaged Crystals: Scratches or cracks on the watch crystal can detract from the timepiece’s aesthetics. Our skilled technicians can address these issues through crystal replacement, restoring the watch’s appearance.
  • Worn-out Straps or Bracelets: Straps and bracelets may wear out over time due to regular use. Replacing these components can rejuvenate your Omega Speedmaster watch and ensure a comfortable fit.

At Luxury Watch Repairs, we understand the unique challenges that Omega Speedmaster owners may encounter. Our team is dedicated to providing professional solutions to maintain your watch in optimal condition.

Benefits of Servicing Your Omega Speedmaster Regularly

  1. Regular servicing ensures optimal performance of your Omega Speedmaster.
  2. Our expert technicians can detect and address any potential issues early on.
  3. Servicing helps maintain the value of your luxury timepiece.
  4. By servicing regularly, you can prevent major repairs or replacements in the future.
  5. We use genuine parts and follow manufacturer guidelines for servicing Omega Speedmaster watches.

Maintaining a regular service schedule for your Omega Speedmaster is essential to keep it running smoothly and accurately. Contact us today to schedule your next servicing appointment.


In conclusion, Luxury Watch Repairs stands as a trusted service centre authorised to service all Omega watches, not just Speedmasters. Our team of expert watchmakers is committed to delivering top-notch repairs for your luxury timepieces. Entrust your Omega Speedmaster to us for professional servicing and repairs, knowing that your watch will receive the utmost care and attention to detail. Reach out to us today by clicking here for all your Omega Speedmaster watch repair needs.

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