26 April 2024

Ensuring Water Resistance: Why Regular Maintenance Matters for Your Tag Heuer Watch

Regularly pressure testing and replacing gaskets and seals in a Tag Heuer watch is essential to maintaining its water resistance and preventing moisture from damaging its delicate internal components. These small rubber rings create a tight seal between the various parts of the watch, ensuring water-resistance and keeping dust and foreign particles out. Neglecting to replace worn-out gaskets can compromise the watch’s performance and lead to costly repairs.

By staying proactive and adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations for gasket replacement, watch owners can prolong the lifespan of their Tag Heuer timepiece and enjoy reliable performance for years to come.

Understanding the Role of Gaskets in Tag Heuer Watches

  • Gaskets in Tag Heuer watches act as protective seals, preventing water, dust, and debris from entering the watch case.
  • These small but crucial components help maintain the watch’s water resistance capabilities, ensuring the watch’s internal mechanisms remain safe and operational.
  • Over time, gaskets can wear out or degrade, compromising the watch’s water resistance and potentially leading to damage.
  • Regularly replacing gaskets in Tag Heuer watches is essential to maintain their performance and longevity.
  • Understanding the role of gaskets underscores their importance in preserving the functionality and durability of Tag Heuer timepieces.

6 Signs Your Gaskets Need Replacing

  1. Gaskets appear dried out or cracked.
  2. Water or moisture is visible inside the watch.
  3. The watch fogs up easily.
  4. The watch stops functioning properly.
  5. Gaskets have been in place for over 1-2 years.
  6. The watch fails a water resistance test.

At Luxury Watch Repairs, we’re dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind when it comes to your Tag Heuer timepiece. That’s why we offer complimentary pressure testing for all watches, conducted in-store by our expert technicians. Whether you’re in need of routine maintenance or have concerns about your watch’s water resistance, our pressure testing service is here to provide you with accurate and reliable results.

Visit Us In-Store for a Free Pressure Test

If you prefer a hands-on approach, we welcome you to visit one of our local stores at our main service centre (16-18 Hatton Garden, London), no appointment is required and we are open Monday – Friday between 09.30 – 16.30. Alternatively, you may visit any of our other locations for a complimentary pressure test. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you, and the process typically takes only 5-10 minutes. Simply walk in during our regular business hours, and we’ll take care of the rest. Don’t hesitate to drop by at your convenience we’re here to ensure your Tag Heuer is performing at its best.

Benefits of Regularly Replacing Gaskets

Maintains Water Resistance: Regularly replacing gaskets ensures that the seals remain intact, preventing water from entering the watch and maintaining its water resistance.

Prevents Dust and Debris: New gaskets provide a tight seal, keeping out dust, dirt, and debris that could potentially damage the internal components of the watch.

Preserves Functionality: By replacing gaskets, the watch’s functionality is preserved as it prevents moisture and other contaminants from affecting the movement and functions of the watch.

Extends Lifespan: Proper maintenance, including gasket replacements, can help extend the lifespan of your Tag Heuer watch by preventing corrosion and damage to its internal parts.


Ensuring the regular replacement of gaskets in your Tag Heuer watch is crucial to preserving its water resistance capabilities. Over time, gaskets can degrade due to various factors such as ageing, environmental exposure, and normal wear and tear. Neglecting to replace these gaskets can lead to moisture seeping into the watch’s internal components, causing damage. To maintain optimal water resistance, it is advisable to include gasket replacements as part of routine maintenance or during battery changes. By prioritising this aspect of upkeep, owners can effectively extend the lifespan and enhance the performance of their Tag Heuer timepiece. Order a secure, free watch postage pack, fully tracked & insured to £25,000 by clicking here

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